Achtung records started in 2008 as a Black Metal label. After one CD-r Achtung has only released music on cassette tapes.

Achtung does not have the fancy, glossy covers but old school black and white paper. The paper is printed in a copyshop and therefore the quality of the prints are good.

Achtung never has the intentions to make big money. Our releases are very cheap. Not much more then it did cost me. It is a hobby, a passion, so I know, because I am a collector myself, how much this hobby can cost.

Achtung sells all kind of Black Metal. We don't care if it's suicidal, depressive, true, satanic, national socialist, heathen, industrial or whatever "sub-genre" you call them.. We sell Black Metal and to us, Black Metal is intolerance. No nerds, no clowns, no bullshit.